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About Me

Hi everyone my name is

Jack Merridale

Aged 21


My show Broadcasts Live on One Harmony Radio every Thursday from 8-9pm so if you like music from all genres and ages then check out my archived shows here, or tune in live from any internet browser on Thursday from 8-9pm here.

I am special, so my Mum tells me LOL, no I mean I am a special needs DJ, in that I have Cerebral Palsy and I lost my sight completely about 4 years ago, so am now blind. But my love for music, and all music genres, has been with me since birth really...

Music is my great passion and I truly hope I can make a full-time career in music in any capacity over the coming years. If you have a request, or would just like to reach out to me, then please click my contacts page here and leave me a message.

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